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More Sad Jokes

QUESTION: Why did the tomato go red ?????????

ANSWER: It sore the salad dressing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Player 1 : Sorry I missed that open goal I will kick my self for it

Player 2 : Dont bother you will only miss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

QUESTION:  What did the traffic light say to the car ???????

ANSWER: Look away i am changing !!!!!!!!!!!!

QUESTION: What do you call a women out of the kitchen ??

ANSWER: Lost !!!!!!!!!!!! 

QUESTION:  Two flys on a toilet seat. Why did one go away??

ANSWER: It got pissed off !!!!!!!!!!!!

QUESTION:  What do you call a robber that does not shut up ??

ANSWER: Day light cobbery !!!!!!!!!!!!